Zeina + Yooni

Congratulations and Best Wishes are in order for the recent wedding in Stamford.

Check out some of these stunning photographs from their wedding!

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Are you…
    In the area March 5th, 2017?
    Looking for a place to start with your wedding planning?
    Wondering what types of wedding arrangements we’ve created… And can create?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, come visit us on March 5th at the Second Annual Boutique Bridal Show. It will be at the Delamar Hotel, featuring the Fairfield area’s wedding and event specialists (that means us!).  The excellent variety of vendors makes it a great place to start wedding planning!

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See you there!

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Falling in love with Fall Weddings

Phew! It has been such a great autumn for us! So many beautiful couples tying the knot this fall, and with so many different looks and designs! We love how different each and every bride is. We went from traditionally classic cascading bouquets to funky peacock-feather themed decor! Normally, we would share each couple in their own post, but since we’ve been so busy with all these weddings, we will give you one great big free-for-all autumnal wedding round-up for you! Feast your eyes on these beauties…


Planning Your Wedding: Questions to Ask

Booking a wedding venue is one of the most important things you’ll when it comes to planning your wedding. At the same time, your venue and food/drinks for all of your guests will also take up approximately 50% of your budget, so of course you want to make sure you choose the right one to suit your needs. Before you sign the contract and book a venue, then, there are some important questions you need to ask.

Do You Have an Exclusive Caterer?

Many venues will require that you use their catering services and won’t allow you to bring in any outside caterers or bartenders. If this is the case, make sure you find out what kind of pricing the venue’s catering offers to ensure that it’ll fit within your budget. Are there any minimum per-person prices that are required?

On the other hand, even venues that don’t have their own caterers may have a list of “preferred caterers” that you will need to choose from.

What Kind of Decorating Can I Do?

DSC_2092It’s also important to find out what kinds of decorations you’re allowed to put up at your venue on the big day. After all, venues can vary greatly in what they will allow in terms of decorations. Some may let you do pretty much anything you want as long as you don’t destroy anything, whereas others will have strict rules regarding what (if anything) can be put on the walls, rules against balloons and confetti, and other similar restrictions.

How Much Will Be Due Up Front?

Finally, if budget is a concern, make sure you find out exactly how much you’ll be required to pay as a deposit to secure your venue for your wedding day. In addition to up-front payments, figure out what other charges may be incurred. For example, does your quote include taxes? What about a ceremony fee? Staffing expenses? By getting a detailed breakdown of all the costs you’ll have to pay the venue, you can plan your budget accordingly and avoid any sticker shock down the road.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to select the venue that’s right for you in no time. From there, we invite you to contact us to start talking about your wedding floral arrangements!